15 juin 2017

"Klaus", Animated feature film by SPA Studio.

Klaus! Everybody knows the teaser from few years ago.

I'm exploring different version of few scene of the movie, whose some are important key-scene. The acting is very subtle and the visual storytelling has to be perfect.
A great chance to work with Sergio Pablos.

Here few SCENE I've storyboarded, password protected, showing emotions with only visual storytelling. And two other SCENEpassword protected too, with a lot of dialogue and acting.

11 mai 2017

MELODY, a classic fairy tale by Zag Studio.

Early stage of developpement, thats the best. Everything has to be done!
I worked on a scene and explore different style. My previous experience with Dreamworks/King Julien was a really good asset for funny scene.

 I also explored the vilain's acting, more subtle.

Here's a SCENE I've storyboarded, password protected.

12 janvier 2017

All hail EXILED King Julien! S01-ep06

Clover discovers a Cult.. the "This is Happening" cult, lead by Giant scorpion Fred.
Hilarious. and who's already in? Pam... Funny dialogue when she reminds Clover how BAD she beat her earlier. Simple staging though, I choose to stay with the character and enjoy their acting.

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